Thursday, March 25, 2010


The dance classes have been hard at work this week creating glogs. What is a glog? A glog is a digital poster. You can post photos, digital sticker, text, decorations, and links on a topic for other students to read. With our new Netbooks, we can even add video clips and audio clips instantly. Mrs. Cook's 7th grade students have been working on glogs about famous choreographers, and the 8th graders have been hard at work over glogs on rights issues.

I have learned a lot during this project. For example, did you know that there is a Chinese Deaf Dance team? Their dances are beautiful, and they do them without being able to hear the music. I also learn about cat's rights, children's rights, prisoner's rights, and animal rights. I even made my own glog on a big library issue -- intellectual freedom. You can check out my glog here .

I also found some other library related glogs that you can look at:

A Great and Terrible Beauty (a wonderful book that we just added to our collection)

Locked in Time (a Lois Duncan thriller)

Twilight (need I say more?)

Coraline (a very weall-done glog)

Max: A Maximum Ride Novel (I love this series, and it is a favorite of our students')

And you can always try your hand at your own glog by signing up at .

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