Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Books!

Raven Speak by Diane Lee Wilson

During a prolonged winter, Jorgen, the wise man, has sent clansmen—including Asa’s father, the chieftain—to sea in search of food. Asa believes that Jorgen is treacherous and that he likely led her father to his death. Fleeing for safety, Asa meets Wenda, a one-eyed witch who promises to help Asa save her clan. Asa is loath to trust Wenda, but with Jorgen threatening her family, she may have no choice.

Athena, Grey-Eyed Goddess by George O'Connor

From the moment she emerged, fully grown, from the head of Zeus, Athena was one of the most complex Olympians. This graphic novel retells her many interwoven tales: how she killed Pallas, fought the Gigantes, aided Perseus, and cursed Arachne. Author’s note. Endnotes. Bibliography. Further reading. Discussion questions. Fullcolor illustrations.

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